Cobblestones Exhibition Centre


Your visit to Cobblestones starts at the new Exhibition Centre, opened in 2014 after many years of planning and fundraising by the Cobblestones Trust Board. Just inside the main entrance you'll be greeted by a Cobblestones volunteer in the reception and retail area, who'll direct you to the exhibition space.


Exhibition Centre

The Exhibition Centre features features Wairarapa heritage stories, objects, photos and machinery that will absorb and enthrall.


A major new exhibition is being planned for early 2019.  This will focus on Main Street Greytown as it was in 1918.


Museum Shop

The Cobblestones Museum gift shop sells vintage articles, giftware, educational toys, New Zealand and heritage souvenirs, and crafts made by by local artists. All shop profits go towards the upkeep and restoration of the museum.


Vintage wooden clothes pegs, old fashioned games, skipping ropes, marbles and spinning tops, plus a few items from the museum collection including milk bottles from the 1960s, are sold in the shop. There's also an extensive range of local books dedicated to Wairarapa history and stories.


Take the pressure of shopping for gifts. Visit our store for a wide range of exciting and educational gifts.






Cobblestones Trust John Gilberthorpe

Cobblestones Museum has thousands of items in its collection. Our team of volunteers is working hard to catalogue this extensive collection, thereby allowing our curators to tell great stories and hopefully in the future, to make them accessible to the wider community.


John Gilberthorpe


169 Main St, Greytown 5712, Wairarapa, New Zealand • T: 64 6 304 9687 © 2016 Cobblestones • Photos: Janelle Preston / Blackwell & Sons

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