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Looking after the grounds at Cobblestones with a group of like-minded people over the years has been very rewarding. The park and gardens are an important part of the visitor experience.


Keitha Roberts
Friends of Cobblestones



Cobblestones Park & Gardens


The historic village at Cobblestones is set within in a leafy park where New Zealand native and exotic trees provide welcome shade in summer, and an ideal picnic setting during your visit. Cobblestones Park & Garden is a popular Wairarapa garden tour and wedding venue.


The variety of native and exotic trees at Cobblestones befits Greytown's significance as the first New Zealand town to celebrate Arbor Day. Native kahikatea, kowhai, totara and karaka keep company with the maples, ash and fruit trees of early settlers' gardens.


A park for the people





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