Cobblestones Museum new entrance and exhibition centre front facade
Graeme Gray Cobblestones Trust

The new exhibition development in 2014 provided a perfect opportunity to review our current situation, the collection and improve our museum practice. We will continue with a responsible stewardship of Greytown’s landmark Museum to ensure generations to come will reap the benefits of the decisions we make now.


Graeme Gray

Deputy Chairperson,
 Cobblestones Trust




Cobblestones Trust


Our mission

  • To provide a unique and educational museum experience by using our collection of Wairarapa historic buildings, vintage horse-drawn vehicles, vintage machinery, objects and artefacts to explore the collective history of early settlement in the Wairarapa.
  • To promote, preserve and make accessible through the collection, an interest in and knowledge of historical and cultural heritage of the Wairarapa and its early settlers.
  • To encourage a sense of belonging and pride in the community.
  • To be an important sustainable visitor attraction for Wairarapa tourism.


How it all began

In 1969, the land for the newly named Cobblestones Wairarapa Setters Museum was purchased with funds raised by the Jaycees, assisted by the Greytown Trust Lands Trust and the wider community.


Through the 1970s, several significant buildings were moved onto the site including the Donald woolshed (around 1870) and Wairarapa’s first Methodist church (1865), Wairarapa’s first hospital building, the Mangapakeha School classroom, an early Greytown colonial cottage donated by resident Stella Bull. The Wairarapa Horse-drawn Vehicle Society was to house its collections at Cobblestones, later donating it to the Museum.

A huge amount of voluntary work has gone into caring for the buildings and gardens of Cobblestones Museum and this work continues today.


This includes major work is now being undertaken by a dedicated group of volunteers on cataloguing the museum’s extensive and diverse collection.


In November 2014, after raising more than $1m over the previous two years, the museum opened the new entrance building, providing reception and retail services, exhibition galleries and a collection management room. This was a major step in Cobblestones' development and has seen the museum’s profile and visitor numbers increase significantly.


Cobblestones today

We have recently renovated the Donald Woolshed, undertaken extensive electrical work, and installed "street lights".


Cobblestones Trust is a Registered Charity No: CC35875.

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