Santa visits Carols at Christmas at Cobblestones

Just before Christmas each year, hundreds gather in the wonderful setting of Cobblestones park, sharing picnic dinners and enjoying the songs of Christmas. Carols at Cobblestones is an exciting, fun and beautiful expression of our community spirit ... many say it's their official kickoff to the Christmas festivities.


Rev Andy Eldred

Vicar, St Lukes Greytown

Carols at Cobblestones 2016

Experience a unique Wairarapa Christmas event under the oak trees and with the brass band. Carols at Cobblestones is a much-loved annual event.

CAROLS 2016:



Mark the date in your calendar for our popular festive event.

Santa's vintage car ride at Cobblestones
Carols at Cobblestones
Brass band play carols at Cobblestones
Christmas volunteers at Cobblestones

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