Steampunk couple at Cobblestones

We happened to be visiting Cobblestones when the Steampunk people arrived.  Their costumes were incredible and I even plucked up courage to join in their teapot racing ... it was crazy and kind of fitted in with the whole Cobblestones atmosphere.


Nadine, a visitor to Cobblestones

Steampunk costumes at Cobblestones

'Steampunk rules' at Cobblestones


Wielding teapots, Union Jacks and ostentatious frippery, the gentlefolk of Wellington's Capital! Steampunk journey over the hill to Cobblestones on a regular basis for a spot of splendid teapot racing at Wairarapa's spiffing Steampunk venue.


Described as devotees of Victorian-influenced science fiction, these larger-than-life characters ooze ostentation and hedonism, so on your next visit to Cobblestones, you may well hear the rustling silks of Professor Phoenecea Carwardine and the loud gaffawing of Captain Josiah Smollett as they take in the fresh country air.  Oh, and do stay for the teapot racing - it's a hoot.

Steampunk at Cobblestones
Steampunk family
Cobblestones machinery at Steampunk events
Steampunk girls

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