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Cobblestones Historic Buildings


At Cobblestones you’ll find six important heritage buildings that have been listed as Category 2 by Heritage New Zealand (formerly NZ Historic Places Trust).

The Hastwell Stables stand on their original site, one of several erected here in 1857, when the original cobblestones were also laid. Up until 1880, the stables were the region’s hub for Cobb & Co horse-drawn coaches departing for Wellington, with Hastwell Coaches serving Wairarapa. Up to 70 horses were grazed overnight on the site, while the coachmen enjoyed the hospitality of the Rising Sun Hotel once sited across the road.


The Colonial Cottage is believed to have been built by Hugh O’Connor around 1867, using timber milled north of the town. It was one of two located on a section to the north of St Luke's Church, Greytown, and speaks volumes for the daily challenges faced by a colonial family living in a space that would be considered inadequate by today’s standards.


Wairarapa's First Public Hospital opened in Greytown in 1875. The dispensary, doctor's consulting room and patients' ward offer insight into the delivery of public health up until mid 20th century.


The former Wesleyan (Methodist) Church was opened at 63 Main St, Greytown in October 1865 by early settlers. It is likely that this is the oldest purpose-built church in Wairarapa. It is unique as each Christian denomination represented in Greytown at the time contributed to its construction and the church was used for all services until other congregations were able to build their own buildings. Timber for the church was milled locally at Udy’s Mill. The Church is available for hire.


Mangapakeha School opened in 1902 at Tinui, near Masterton, and served that community for 60 years. As a one-teacher school, it catered for students from five through to 12 years. Wander through the cloakroom, past the hanging leather schoolbags and rows of class photos dating back to 1929, into the small classroom featuring its own fireplace, original textbooks, blackboards and wooden desks with their fold-up seats and inkwell holders.

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