Local Supporters of Cobblestones
Major supporter Derek Wilson

Greytown Trust Lands Trust has been around since 1871, so like Cobblestones, its existence dates right back to the early years of colonial settlement in Greytown and the surrounding area.  In reflecting this history, Cobblestones is a natural fit for Greytown Trust Lands ... our important heritage connects the two entities and our ongoing support reflects Cobblestones' contribution to the local community.


Derek Wilson

Greytown Trust Lands Trust

Major Supporters


We are grateful for the ongoing support of the following organisations and groups:


• Greytown Trust Lands Trust

• Eastern & Central Community Trust

• NZ Lottery Grants Board

• Trust House Foundation

• South Wairarapa District Council

• Carterton District Council

• Masterton District Council

• Greytown Community Board

• Toi Wairarapa Arts, Culture & Heritage Trust

• Greytown Lions Club

• Greytown Lioness Club

• Greytown Community Heritage Trust

• Wairarapa Archive

• Muter Charitable Trust

• Pharazyn Charitable Trust

• The Friends of Cobblestones
• Estate of Victor Hewer

• Rotary Club of South Wairarapa

• Juken NZ Ltd

• Te Papa National Services


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