Cobblestones volunteer Nicola Hodges at the reception desk
Annabelle O'Meara volunteers at Cobblestones

It's a privilege to volunteer at Cobblestones. There's a strong sense of professionalism and purpose in the work of the Trustees, the volunteers who work in the Exhibition Centre, and the Friends of Cobblestones who look after the grounds and fundraise. We are all united in purpose!


Annabelle O'Meara


Volunteering at Cobblestones


Cobblestones volunteers are gardeners, fundraisers and florists; painters, leaf rakers and sandwich makers and handymen; they’re collections classifiers, web writers, board members, beautifiers, window cleaners and vacuumers, retailers, restorers, timetablers, bakers, tea makers and tour guides, child charmers, caretakers … and above all, they’re the guardians of Cobblestones.


The recruitment drive for Wairarapa volunteers is ongoing! Cobblestones welcomes volunteers of all ages, skills and talents who want to be a part of this leading tourism and educational centre - and the great thing is you can do so on your terms.
We'd love to hear from you.



Cobblestones' beautiful park and gardens are maintained by the dedicated Friends of Cobblestones. Read more on the Friends of Cobblestones page.


Shop & Exhibition Centre

Working on a monthly roster, we have over 30 volunteers who work three-hour shifts, welcoming visitors and managing retail sales. With so many visitors from overseas and plenty of families arriving to explore Cobblestones, the role of a volunteer is rewarding and stimulating.



For those who prefer a meaningful role out of the public eye, there are exciting opportunities with the Collections and Preservations team. You will learn new cataloguing and research skills and work in the genial company of a small but dedicated team.



Cobblestones loves 'fix it' people who have skills in trades, crafts or who simply enjoy helping out around the village. With14 historic buildings and numerous ancillary spaces to maintain, there's always a need for willing hands.


Above: Volunteer Nicola Hodges.


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